Shy Love: MensMagDaily Interview To Find Out What Women Really Want

Former adult actress Shy Love has it all, beauty, brains, personality, and she definitely knows what she’s doing in bed. However, the former porn star and talent agency owner who is now more likely to go by her legal name, Sheelagh Blumberg, has shifted gears. Now married with children, Shy Love is a published author of two books titled How To Catch A Kitten and How To Land A Rich Man. The titles are pretty self-explanatory. Taking from her own experiences, Shy is helping men and women get the significant others they deserve. She also does private consulting in case you can’t manage to learn how to buy a nice shirt or stop being a total douchebag on your own. Men’s Mag Daily sat down with Shy to discuss her new books, what a woman needs to do sexually to keep a man interested, and why men have the upper hand when it comes to dating.

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