How to Catch a Kitten

The goal of this site is simple. Shy Love wants to help you get ladies. Whether you want to play the field or settle down, Ms. Love can help you become the ladies man you were always meant to be. Through this program she will teach you to become more attractive, more successful and more confident with women. She will help you perfect your social and dating skills. She will help you become the man you need to be to get all the girls chasing you. 
The Problem with Pick Up Artists
Most pick up artists are men who teach other men one step-by-step way to pick up women. They come up with these one size fits all approaches because they work occasionally. For most of the guys using these techniques, these tips work more out of luck than any kind of skill.
Eventually they will fail and they will fail because of one problem they all have in common; the people teaching these classes are men. Men don't know how women really think, so they don't know how to manipulate them in the ways that will keep them coming back. 
How Shy Love Can Help
Shy Love teaches her pick-up classes from a woman's perspective. She will tell you what you really need to know in order to get into the mind of a woman and make her want you.  In most pick up seminars, the women who participate are more like props than instructors. They might assist in the process, but they won't share their actual knowledge of the mysteries of the female mind. 
Ms. Love teaches from the perspective of the women you are trying to pick up. She will show you how to manipulate women to make them believe you are a the man of their dreams. 
She will teach you ways to instantly make yourself appear more successful, attractive and interesting to the women you meet. Overall, she will teach you how to stop chasing women and get them to chase you instead. 
The Seminars
The video seminars offer a comprehensive plan on how to handle yourself with confidence, reduce your approach anxiety, and pick up women with ease. You will be coached on how to approach women in a large range of venues and under many different circumstances. 
The program will take you through dozens of different scenarios, and will guide you through practical exercises designed to enhance your pick up skills in a number of venues, like;
  • Bars
  • Night Club
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Bookstores
  • Restaurants
  • Classes
  • School
  • Event Gatherings
  • Beaches
  • Shopping
  • Walking down the street
  • Public transport
  • Traveling
  • The Gym
You will learn the exact steps you need to approach single women and groups of women in every single scenario. You will know how to let the situation dictate your approach and how to adapt your game for different female personality types. 
You will also be instructed in how to dress, talk and act like a secure, confident man. 
Finally, you will be given the secrets of women. You will learn about the insecurities of women and how they think. You will also learn how to manipulate those insecurities for your own purposes. Whether you want to string them along, or settle down in a long term relationship, "How to Catch a Kitten" will give you the information and advice you need to make that happen.  
How to Catch as Kitten - The Book
The "How to Catch a Kitten" seminar is also available in book form. This book makes a great companion piece for those studying the seminar, or a great stand alone for guys who want to learn at their own pace. 
Shy Love wrote "How to Catch a Kitten" with a goal of helping men understand the mind of a woman... through an actual woman.  The truth is that any man can claim to know the secrets of women. They can make up stories and say that they are awesome pick up artists, but you'll never really know for sure. 
By getting your pick up information from an actual woman, you are getting your information from someone who is already an expert. Shy Love knows what women want and she knows what insecurities you can play on. In "How to Catch a Kitten", she goes through the process of improving your game, by starting on yourself. 
What Shy Love doesn't do is offer gimmicks and cheesy pick up lines. Instead, she offers valuable advice on how to influence and manipulate the mind of a woman. She discusses the common insecurities that all women face, as well as how to use those to your advantage. 
For men who are sick of going home alone and who are sick of the failing techniques taught to them by male pick up artists, Shy Love offers an insightful, rare look into the female mind. 
Both the books and the seminars will take you though the following;
  • Building a better you - become the man that women chase
  • Approaching groups of women
  • Approaching single women
  • Pickups for every occasion
  • Picking the best wingmen
  • Learning the secrets of the female mind
  • Manipulating the secrets of the female mind
  • Online dating basics
  • Manipulation techniques when playing the field or playing for keeps
  • ... and more!
If you are frustrated by your lack of success with women, then Shy Love can help. You don't have to be a male model or a millionaire. In fact, all you might need is a few simple tweaks to your game in order to become the man that women desire. Stop going home alone. Instead, let Shy Love teach you the secrets that will get women chasing you. 
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