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How to Catch a Kitten 

I was at the AVN Expo 2014. Shy Love had a seminar on her book. The hard cover book was 25 dollars and only sold through her website. I purchased the ebook Version through amazon for my kindle. My buddy and I are avid Tom Leykis fans and thought why not sit in the seminar. Get another tool to our dating arsenal. Shy Love spoke about her book and answered questions from the audience. Great public speaker, great person and down to earth woman, she is very passionate on this topic. The book is a quick read about 96 pages. Shy Love's book covers the way on how women think to men. Shy break's down the many types of girl you may encounter at club, bar, coffee shops and etc. How to handle every type of girl you encounter. The book tells you when to go for it and when to call it quits. Shy's book revolves around going out with guys and trying not to go out by yourself to pick up women, since it seems creepy according to Shy. As being an avid Listener of Tom Leykis and his 101 course. Both have a lot of similarities. Ignore women, pick on their insecurities, backhanded compliments, gas lighting methods, give the impression your always in demand, don't be needy. Women love ambitious, successful guys. Never answer to texts and phone calls right away. Its a power struggle between both genders. Both cover online dating. Leykis difference to Shy Loves book is that getting laid is a single man sport not a group sport. When you run in a group, you run the risk of a friend possibly rooster blocking you. Emphasis on hotel lobby bar, bars, no clubs. There are many topics on the Leykis 101 using the ATM Receipt trick, Backhanded compliments, spending less than 40 dollars on a date zero is optimal.. 3 date rule and she is out. No single moms PERIOD. Wearing a cheap wedding ring. I tried that one and I can attest to that working. Keep in mind I am not married. How you want to go out on holidays and those girls that are drinking alone are low hanging fruit. Valentines days is coming up. You know there will be certain women drinking alone at the bar wanting to do something they will regret. You want to be that regret. I loved the ebook. To read an intelligent woman words on why women do the games they play. Men can speculate on how women think, but reading it from a womans perspective validates Tom's theories. A woman's honest words on this subject carries a lot of weight. As well as Tom Leykis with his proven skills on his Leykis 101 course and his many callers calling in with success stories of their own too. If you are a single Both methods compliment each other. Knowledge is powerful tool to any man that know how to use it wisely.

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