10 Healthy Ways to Manage Your Anger in Your Relationship


Written By: Shelagh Blumberg

Anger is a normal and natural human emotion that can arise during a relationship, frequently as a result of frustration and feelings of overload.

Unfortunately, failing to control your anger can lead to nasty conflicts that can destroy a previously healthy relationship.

Follow these healthy anger management strategies:

  1. Take a deep breath and relax. Take a few moments away from the scenario to clear your mind before attempting to communicate with your companion. Trying to talk to someone while upset is never a smart idea. It will just aggravate the situation.
  2. Before you speak, count to ten. Counting to ten before speaking is a wonderful strategy to calm down when you’re irritated. This allows you time to consider how you may respond wisely to the circumstance rather than reacting to it.
  3. Listen. Allow your partner time to convey their point of view about the problem. It’s possible that you went too far. Once the matter has been explained, it may not even be considered severe.

Try active listening, in which you repeat back to your spouse what you heard. This demonstrates that you comprehend what was stated and are concerned about your partner’s feelings.

  1. Take a break. Before you say something you’ll later regret, it could be worth it for both of you to leave the situation. Make a note to return to this topic when your emotions are calmer.
  2. Avoid giving the silent treatment. When you’re arguing with your partner, it’s tempting to slam the door and give them the quiet treatment. While this strategy may briefly calm you down, it is likely to trigger anxiety or irritation in your partner.

This does not mean that you must quickly fix the disagreement, but rather that you must inform your partner that you require some time to cool down and consider your future steps.

If your lover has ever given you the silent treatment, you know how stressful it can be.

  1. Concentrate on the present moment. When you are furious, you may want to bring up prior conflicts, but this is not the time to do so. Concentrate on what happened in the moment to make you angry.
  2. Try not to form triangles in your connection. When you’ve had a fight with your partner, it may feel wonderful to vent to your best friend. It is natural to want to vent, but talking to a friend rather than your partner will not address the problem.

Instead, make a concerted effort to discuss your concerns with your partner, since this will keep them from feeling alone and defensive.

  1. Pardon your companion. Anger is frequently fueled by the frustration of knowing that previous disagreements have gone unresolved. It is critical that you both forgive one other after a disagreement so that you can emotionally move on.
  2. Make a physical connection. Hug your lover after a disagreement since the physical connection helps to alleviate animosity. Sex, especially with guys, does miracles.
  3. Look beyond the problem. Money, religion, and politics are all themes that elicit rage and conflict in everyone. Rather than being enraged by a different point of view, try to let it go. Change the subject and talk about something that does not naturally make you angry.

There will be things that upset you in a relationship, but if you make an effort to follow these recommendations, you may find that your entire relationship experience is changing for the better.

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