12 Healthy Ways to Deal with Loneliness after a Breakup


Following a breakup, it may be tempting to drown your sorrows in Rocky Road or spend your evenings Facebook stalking your ex. Fortunately, there are other ways to relieve loneliness that are less damaging to your waistline and self-esteem.

The time you spend alone can help you prepare to move on. Try these suggestions to hasten your recovery and alleviate your grief.

Getting Over Isolation

There is a significant distinction between being alone and being lonely. Nonetheless, social interaction and support are critical to your mental and physical health. Here’s how to stay connected when you’re separated.

  1. Discuss it. Your friends and family can provide you with the support and encouragement you require. Request what you need, whether it’s a hug while you cry or a sounding board as you figure out what to do next.
  2. Examine your contacts. Reach out to former friends and coworkers to fill any vacant hours. Invite an old coworker to lunch.
  3. Offer your services as a volunteer. Participating in a charity softball game or fundraising campaign is an excellent method to broaden your network while diverting your attention away from your ex. Focusing on others will also make you happier and more contented.
  4. Pursue shared interests. Look for new areas to hang out. Join a Meetup group or attend a performance where you’ll be surrounded by people who share your interest in science fiction or French gastronomy.
  5. Make contact. Make an effort to connect with people. At a coffee shop, talk to the waitress. Inform your neighbor that his lawn is lovely.

Changing Your Mind

It’s wonderful to have friends and family on your side, but you need also consider your connection with yourself. Changing your perceptions keeps you from feeling lonely no matter what’s going on in your love life.

  1. Accept your emotions. You’ll undoubtedly feel some unpleasant feelings, such as rage or jealousy. Facing the truth allows you to learn and grow.
  2. Write it down. If your emotions are deep and conflicted, keeping a journal may be beneficial. Take note of any barriers that tend to keep you isolated. Perhaps you’re embarrassed to be single, or you avoid mutual friends because you don’t want to run into your ex.
  3. Seek out sources of inspiration. Heartbreak is a frequent ailment. Play music that reminds you that you are not alone. Select role models who have created a happier life after a relationship has ended.
  4. Maintain your level of activity. Combat the blues by exercising or admiring nature’s beauty. Running errands or pulling weeds can also help to distract you from memories that are a little too sensitive right now. Give yourself extra credit for attempting something new.
  5. Have fun and laugh. When you radiate enthusiasm and vitality, it is simpler to attract people. Engage in activities that you enjoy and look for ways to make someone else’s day brighter. Force yourself to smile, and it will become second nature.
  6. Be present in the moment. Remember that your predicament is only temporary. Instead than obsessing on the past or projecting into the future, take it one day at a time.
  7. Make a prayer about it. Your spiritual faith and community can provide support. Consider your purpose and the type of relationship you want.

It’s common to feel lonely after a love relationship ends. Look for practical methods to reconnect, and be kind and compassionate to yourself. Dealing with loneliness constructively will aid in your healing and the discovery of the new love you deserve.

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