12 Things You Can Do That Can Help You Keep Your Focus and Calm


Written By: Sheelagh Blumberg

We all have trouble staying calm and focused especially when faced with challenges. New technologies have only made things worse. Today, numerous distractions keep us from focusing on the task at hand or our goals. Which begs the question, how can manage to stay calm and focused even with all the distractions? Well, in this article we will show you how you can pull it off. So, let’s get started. 

Suitable location

The environment you are in can affect your ability to remain calm and focused. A quiet, organized, and tidy environment can help you stayed focused. It enhances your concentration and makes your mind calm and relaxed. 

Ideal time

Time is as important as location when it comes to relaxing and staying focused. Plan out your time to ensure that you understand what time you work best. You need to identify what time your focus is at its best. Maybe you are a morning person, and you tend to be more productive in the morning. Or perhaps you focus best at night. Plan out your time and ensure you schedule your important activities when you are most efficient.


You need to train yourself on how to adapt to different situations. This will increase your ability to multitask and operate on autopilot. Train yourself how to focus on the task at hand and avoid all distractions. Stay away from your Smartphone, computer, or any other distraction when you are doing something important. 


This entails letting things flow. Do not take things too hard by adhering to a strict schedule. Be flexible in how you do things. Being rigid will only reduce your efficiency. If you are struggling to concentrate or you’re not working too well, it is prudent to take a break so that you can clear your head. 

Adequate sleep and Healthy Eating

There is no denying that sleep affects your productivity. Adequate sleep makes you feel relaxed and sharpens your focus thus increasing your productivity. It is extremely difficult to remain calm and focused on an empty stomach. Healthy eating helps to enhance your health as well as improve your mood. So, take time to eat healthily and get enough sleep.

Clear objectives

Set clear objectives of what you want to achieve. This will give you a clear idea of what you want to achieve and make the journey towards accomplishing your goals easier. Having a clear picture of what you want to achieve provides you with a visual map of how to get there while at the same time help you avoid distractions. 

Keep an eye on your habits

Do you have any distracting habits? Watch out for the things that are keeping you from fully focusing on your tasks. Once you are aware of these distractions, you can work towards getting rid of them. 

Distinction between workspace and Relaxation place

If you have ever tried working or studying in bed, then I am sure you know how hard it is to stay focused. You need to make a clear distinction between your working area and your relaxation place. Dedicating a specific area or space to working can help teach your brain when to concentrate. Subsequently, designating a relaxation place will make it easier for you to stay calm when you are in that place. 


Exercising is a great way of calming yourself down and staying focused. It helps lift your spirit making feel lively. Moreover, it also helps in memory retention. Exercising can help to relieve your body from tension and stiffness as a result of long hours of study or work. Working out leaves you rejuvenated and next for the next challenge. 

Stay optimistic

Positivity can greatly enhance your ability to stay calm and relaxed. Stay positive in whatever you are doing and believe that everything will turn out well. Most importantly believe in yourself. 

These tips will ensure you do not struggle with staying calm and focused. Remember, the secret to achieving calmness and staying focused largely lies in your ability to check your thoughts. So, stay mindful of your thoughts and keep away unwanted thoughts.


Meditation can massively help you stay calm and relaxed. It allows you to go inwards, reflect on yourself and connect with your feelings and thoughts. By keeping your thoughts and feelings in line, meditation allows you to focus on the moment and avoid distractions. It stops you from focusing on your past failures and future stresses. This brings you inner peace and calmness and effectively decreases anxiety and stress. This way you can stay focused on the task at hand. Meditation only takes a short time as little as five minutes. All you need is an open mind and heart to get started. So, if you are struggling with staying calm and focused, give meditation a try. 


Yoga is a great way to get your juices flowing. A few minutes of yoga can make you more mentally alert and happier and ultimately reduce your stress. Apart from improving your physical health, yoga increases your concentration and awareness which boosts your focus.  It helps you stay mindful and integrated with your thoughts so that you can relax. So, if you are struggling to stay calm and focused, maybe it’s time you grabbed that yoga mat.

There you go. These 12 tips will set you on the path to achieving optimum calmness and focus. Remember, the secret to achieving calmness and staying focused largely lies in your ability to check your thoughts. So, stay mindful of your thoughts and keep away unwanted thoughts. It’s time to harness the power of your focus and calmness to achieve your goals. 

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