5 Things that Separate You From Being a Dreamer or Actually Doing Something in Life


Written By: Sheelagh Blumberg

Have you always wanted to do something but you are always holding back? Do you feel stuck? Or maybe you are waiting for the clouds to part and the perfect moment to come together. If you are doing this, chances are that you are a dreamer. And while there is nothing wrong with being a dreamer, it is better to be a planner and a doer. Doers are spontaneous and do not believe in the idea of a perfect time. So how can you know whether you are a dreamer or a doer? What differentiates a dreamer from a doer. Well, in this article, we will explore the five things that separate you from being a dreamer to being a doer. Let us get right into it. 

Ideas versus Goals

This is the key difference between dreamers and doers. Dreamers have ideas while doers set goals.

 We have all been there. That moment an idea hits you and you instantly drool over what a great business idea it is. You immediately start making plans on how you will specialize in that area, take a course or even pitch your idea to an investor. What happened? Did you actually follow through on your plans? If you did not take the time to act on that idea, then you are most certainly a dreamer. Dreamers fail to act on their excellent ideas while doers take action on their ideas and convert them into real tangible steps. They break down the idea into achievable goals and make a deliberate effort to achieve them.  

Today versus Someday

Dreamers think about someday while doers think about today. 

Do you remember your new year’s resolutions? Have you achieved any yet? Many times we set out to do something but falter along the way and completely fail to do so. Dreamers are perennial procrastinators. They do not see the possibility of their ideas coming to fruition in the present moment. They don’t think the moment is right. Doers on the other hand understand that it is only by putting something into action today, that things begin working out for you. They think about what they can do today to make sure they hit their goal. 

Up to me versus Always waiting 

Dreamers play the waiting game while doers take initiative.

Dreamers are always waiting for someone to make the first move. They are constantly waiting for someone else to do something first. All they do is wait for the right time and opportunity to come without realizing that they have the power to fast track the process by doing something. In contrast, doers understand the implications that arise from just waiting. They know that it is up t them to actualize the ideas and change their fortunes. They recognize that they have a direct influence on their future and do not wait for permission, approval from others, or circumstances to suit them. They work on themselves and their dreams. 

Prioritize goals versus Love all ideas

Dreamers love all their ideas while doers prioritize their goals.

Dreamers are all over their ideas and do not prioritize any. They neither commit nor pursue one idea. They juggle between different ideas which cause them to lose focus. This is probably the reason why they fail to achieve their goals. On the other hand, doers understand that unless you prioritize your goals and come up with an elaborate plan, you can never achieve them. Doers make progress because they prioritize their goals and pursue them. Some goals are always more important and pressing than others and doers understand this. 

Inspired by failure versus Quitters

Dreamers quit once they fail while doers are inspired by failure.

Dreamers have a negative perspective of failure. They see it as an indication that they should throw the towel. This causes them to quit if what they were trying out does not succeed. Doers on the other hand are motivated by failure. They see fear as a sign that they should improve on themselves and get better at what they do. If you are guilty of any of these dreamer qualities, then it is time to change. Go back and reflect on what you need to do differently. Alternatively, you can just hop on to the qualities of a doer highlighted and put them to action. Work o

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