7 Tips to Help Support Your Partner With Anxiety


Written By: Shelagh Blumberg

If you have fallen in love with someone who suffers from anxiety, you may be aware of how difficult life may be for them. Fortunately, there are things you can do to support them.

Making your lives more enjoyable for both of you.
Consider the following:

  1. Avoid attempting to repair them. Recognize that you are not their therapist, but rather their wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, or lover. While you can be there to assist them during difficult times, it’s crucial to avoid pressing them to behave the way you believe they should.
    When you place such additional pressure on them, even if you believe that following your advice will assist them, they may feel as if they have failed you, which will only increase any worry they are experiencing.
  2. Do not explain to them why they should not be afraid of something. Even if your partner’s anxieties appear illogical to you, telling them what you believe is unlikely to help them.
    Instead, you can inquire as to why this particular thing is bothering them so much.
    Talking about an issue can sometimes help to alleviate any anxiety.
  3. Be truthful with your partner. Avoid treating your partner like a toddler who can’t handle unpleasant news. This might create a difficult dynamic in your relationship.

    Instead, be truthful. For example, if you’re going to be late, let them know so they don’t think you’re dead in a ditch. If you have a huge bill to pay, tell them instead of hiding it.
    Hiding the truth can cause your partner to imagine the worst-case situation.
  4. Recognize that their definition of happiness may differ from your definition of happiness. Some people find satisfaction in partying or dancing, while others prefer traveling and flaunting their Instagram photos.
    A day without a panic attack may provide happiness to someone who suffers from anxiety. These modest successes might add up to a lot.
    Make them feel secure. This is one of the most crucial hints. An anxious person may feel unlovable as a result of their anxiety. Assure them that you are both on the same route.
  5. Remember that you have the right to live your life. Just because your partner suffers from anxiety does not exclude you from having a life of your own. You can still go out with your pals, go to a party, have hobbies, or do something just for you.
    When you leave the house without your spouse, reassure them that you will be fine, that you will be thinking about them, and that you will be returning home soon.
    Whether your partner suffers from anxiety or not, self-care is essential! Self-care keeps you physically and psychologically fit and might help you avoid thoughts of animosity toward your partner.
    Remind yourself and your spouse that you are more than simply anxiety.
    You are not defined by your anxiety.
  6. Seek their feedback. Your partner may already be aware of some things you can do to assist them cope with their anxiety. Take their advice! Nobody knows them better than they know themselves, and what they have to say is crucial.
    Putting these ideas into action can help to alleviate anxiety and strengthen your relationship with your partner.
    A counselor, therapist, or support group can also provide invaluable assistance with additional tactics and ways to reduce anxiety and build your bond as you go on this journey together.
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