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Being Alone With Your Thoughts


When was the last time you were alone in your own head? I mean just you and your thoughts away from all the distractions. You can’t tell, can you? It’s hard to imagine you without your phone, earphones, or being away from your computer, right? Owing to the emergence of new technologies, there are numerous artifacts of personal distractions everywhere. These distractions constantly keep you away from our thoughts. Today, people barely take time to control and reflect on their thoughts. Perhaps it’s the reason why people easily sink into depression these days especially when these artifacts are taken away from them. As soon the distractions are out of the picture, our minds immediately switch to unwanted thoughts. These thoughts are normally about our worst fears, worries, disappointments, and sad experiences. The thoughts that we try so hard to suppress are the ones that creep up. We have lost the ability to deal with our thoughts. In this article, we will explore how to be alone with your thoughts so that you do not face the same fate as others. And if you fear you are sinking into depression, well don’t worry. We will help you stay afloat. So let’s get down to it.

Before we delve any further, it is important to state that being alone in your own mind does not mean loneliness. Being alone with your own thoughts means being in tandem with your thoughts. It means being conscious of your thoughts and being in control of your thought process. It does not mean living a life alone or disassociating yourself from other people. You can be alone and still not be alone with your thoughts. It simply means being aware and coming to terms with your thoughts. Being open to the input of your mind and being receptive to it. 

To be alone with your thoughts, you need to be aware of the things that are inhibiting you. And it is not about just being aware. You need to stop these things from affecting you. Being alone in your own head means you have to willingly embrace your thoughts. It is something that needs to be sought rather than avoided. 

The reality is, most people are not welcome to the idea of being alone with their thoughts. They find it rather unpleasant. We do everything we can to avoid being alone with our thoughts. It is no wonder that most people turn to distractions in an effort to avoid their thoughts. But in a world full of distractions how can you possibly manage to be alone with your thoughts? Well, the answer lies in regularly engaging in helpful routines or more drastically a complete overhaul of your current habits. 

Being mindful of our thoughts make us develop a fresh perspective of our thoughts. It makes you aware of your constant thoughts and exemplifies the idea that you are in control. You are the one who decides what to do with your thoughts. You can either comply with them or discard them.  Being mindful of your thoughts is something that needs to be worked on over a long time. As we consistently try to distract ourselves from our thoughts, we unwillingly inch closer to depression and anxiety. Distractions are only a temporary solution. The long term solution is learning to live with your thoughts. Here is what you can do to help you be alone with your thoughts.

Regular Routines to Engage in 

There a few routines that you can practice to make you more aware of your thoughts and subsequently increase the amount of time you spend alone with your thoughts. However, these routines are mostly pegged on the environment you are in. They include;

Going for walks alone

Waking up early

Taking time to meditate (preferably 10-15 minutes daily)

Taking time to work alone

Dedicating a couple of breaks to being alone each week

Frame on these habits and be consistent. For more effectiveness, it is better to set a specific time and location to conduct these activities. 

Complete overhaul 

If conducting the regular routines does not work, then a complete overhaul may be the way to go. A getaway to a place of solitude would be a great way of taking time to be alone with your thoughts. A complete overhaul requires you to get away from your work and home and channel your energy and time to your thoughts. However, this does not mean going on a vacation or burying yourself in leisure activities to get away from your thoughts. It means getting rid of all the distractions that are keeping you from your thoughts. That means escaping from your work and putting all technological distractions away. It requires you to be consciously aware of your distractions and make a deliberate move to cut them off. Sometimes all you need is a break from everything to come to terms with your thoughts. 

If you manage to be alone with your thoughts, then I’m sure nothing around you can rattle you. Being alone in your head will ultimately make you more self-aware and satisfied with your life. And with satisfaction comes more productivity which will lead you towards fulfillment. So the next time you find yourself alone with your thoughts, embrace your thoughts and recognize that they are merely thoughts and they have no control over you. Embrace the good thoughts and be unbothered about the unpleasant ones. If you do that, you will undoubtedly inch closer towards psychological well-being. 

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