Being successful is my natural state.


Success comes to me easily and quickly, in my experience. I am aware that success results from having an optimistic outlook, as

as well as actively seeking for chances.
I purposefully make use of both of these qualities.
Every tiny achievement spawns bigger success, and as each day goes by, my capacity for success grows. That capacity has no restrictions. Since success is my natural state, I can understand this.
My success is well-known. I enjoy the respect and admiration of my coworkers at work. I make a considerable contribution and profit.

My social life is successful. People want to be around me because they like me. I have a lot of nice friends because I am a good buddy. My social life is fulfilling and full.
I make a decent partner and father at home. I succeed in this position with pride and have great success doing it.

In life, I’m successful. I navigate the world with ease and success in every endeavor. I build on my prior accomplishments and take advantage of my missteps as teaching moments to continue developing and progressing.

Success comes naturally to me.
I take advantage of every chance I get today to succeed. Naturally, I anticipate success and relish having much of it. It’s a good life. I put in a lot of effort, am a good person, and let success come to me naturally.

1. What are my best accomplishments?

  1. What brand-new success do I wish to have?
  2. What can I take away from my errors?
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