From Duke to Dollars: How To Make Money In Adult Entertainment


One of the hottest stories in the news is Belle Knox, a student from Duke University that is doing porn to make money to pay for college and expenses.  I find it silly that her fellow classmates are judging her for the choices she made to ensure her future. The adult industry is a very lucrative business and can help many people and has helped many people like myself to create a better financially secure life.

Knox, like many other individuals struggle, in their daily lives to try to make ends meet and to educate themselves to reach higher levels of success. The adult industry provides a platform for people to generate revenues to be able to achieve their dream and goals of success without worrying about financial security.

So you already know my name is Shy Love

If you’re an avid porn viewer, you might know me from some of the films I’ve been in over the past decade, or my work as a producer more recently.

I’ve been involved in the adult film industry for more than 10 years.

As a performer, a director, a producer, and a talent agent, I’ve been blessed to see what this industry is like from the inside and out.

Let me tell you this:

If I were given a chance to go back in time and choose between taking the road I took in the adult industry, or going with the finance career my parents had planned for me, I would not have done ANYTHING differently.

The adult industry has been good to me.

In my career, I’ve made more than 7 figures, and I’m still making more money.

More importantly, I earn my living working in mansions and five star hotels, surrounded by beautiful naked women and talented film crews every single day, dividing my time between beautiful locations like Hollywood, San Diego and Las Vegas.

So, let me ask you a question.

Do you watch porn?

Do you work a regular 9-5 job that you hate (or at best find “tolerable”)?

Have you ever wondered if you could make money online, either to supplement your income or go into business full-time.

Then you’re going to want to read the rest of this article.

But first, I want to tell you a little about the adult entertainment climate today and why there has NEVER been a better time to get on the ground floor as an amateur porn producer.

There’s Never Been A Better Time Than NOW To Get Into The Adult Entertainment Industry!

I would know, because I’ve been at home in BOTH adult entertainment worlds:

The OLD world of huge Hollywood-esque corporations, and the NEW world of smaller producers and tube sites.

It’s THIS experience that makes me so confident when I say that TODAY is the time of the smart amateur producer/talent.

To give you a little perspective, let me tell you what the porn industry was like when I was starting out.

In my first year in the porn industry, the world was a completely different place.

VIVID, WICKED, HUSTLER, ADAM & EVE, DIGITAL PLAYGROUND and a few other entertainment companies dominated EVERYTHING. Something like 70% of all video sales came from that one company, which just CRUSHED the competition of small time producers who couldn’t keep up with the costs of producing physical videos and getting them stocked in video stores.

I remember going to shoots that looked more like Hollywood sets than anything else.

$100,000 worth of camera equipment on the set.

Producers driving lamborghinis.

Sets in some of LA’s most expensive mansions.

It was all enough to make your head spin.

I actually remember one time a producer came up to me and asked if I’d be comfortable doing a scene in the house where the Tate murders happened.

That’s just what the industry was like back then… Big business.

But Then… The Internet Happened!

And with the internet, came piracy!

Suddenly, people weren’t BUYING porn anymore, they were DOWNLOADING it.

People would still pay for memberships and things like that, but that was HARDLY enough to support a huge business like the old school porn industry.

A lot of people said the business was dying.

In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

Porn wasn’t dying, it was just democratizing.

For every huge company that went under, a million new “amateur” companies popped up.

Membership sites skyrocketed in popularity.

The cost of film equipment plummeted.

In short, the locus of power in the industry shifted from huge companies to the little guy.

Fast forward to today.

Membership sites and small production companies and web cam models are a big part of what rules the adult entertainment world.

New producers are coming up from nowhere, making money with just a camera and a hotel room booking.

The secret of their success?


With video equipment costing no more than $2000, distribution being practically FREE on the internet, and talent being easily accessible by e-mail, technology has really made porn production a LOT cheaper than it was in the past.

And yet, the DEMAND for porn is stronger than ever!

THIS is why an adult entertainment business is one of the BEST WAYS TO MAKE MONEY TODAY!

Ever wanted to start a business producing adult films, surrounded by beautiful women while making a ton of money doing it?

Then the time to do it is NOW!

And It Doesn’t Even Matter If You Have ZERO Experience, Because My Tell All Book “How To Make Money In Adult Entertainment” Is Going To Show You EXACTLY How To Do It, Just Like Hundreds Of Other Producers Have Done Already!

“How To Make Money In Adult Entertainment” is a product of more than a year of research, six months of writing, and over a decade of experience in adult entertainment.

I wrote this book for one reason:

To help regular people discover just how EASY and ENJOYABLE it is to make money in adult films.

I really want to give you an in-depth look at what the adult industry is all about, to show you all the levers that make the incredible and seductive adult film business “work.”

If you’re just someone who’s interested in learning about a world that few people have ever seen up close, you’ll find this book an incredibly perceptive “insider” look into the often-maligned but always fascinating world of adult entertainment.

If you’re somebody who wants to work in the adult industry but doesn’t know how to get an in, you’ll find this book an incredibly valuable source of information.

And if you’re just somebody who’s curious about new ways of making money online, my book will introduce you to one of the hottest (pun intended), most exciting, and fascinating industries in the world.

Here’s just a preview of what you’ll learn inside.

–  How To Find Performers To Star In Your Films!  Find out how to find talent through talent agencies, ads, and other sources!

–  How to communicate with prospective talent. Learn how to “talk the talk” so that top-flight talent will be willing to work with you!

–  Everything you need to know about the laws surrounding adult filmmaking. Legal issues are the number one obstacle to new startup success. Find out how to keep yourself clean so you NEVER have to face any legal problems… EVER!

– How to deal with new talent. Learn how to make your stars feel comfortable so they’ll do ANY shot you ask them to do. This is one of the absolute KEYS to making great adult films!

– EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about gear! Cameras, editing software… Literally everything you need is covered in this book.

– EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about lighting! How to create a basic lighting set up that looks professional, even if you have no experience in lighting whatsoever!

–  How to find a killer location for your shoot! Hotel rooms, rental homes, and more!

–  How to get background music for cheap, or even free! I’ll show you all the cheap music sources that production companies rely on to get their film a great soundtrack for next to nothing!

–  How to market your movie! Nobody’s going to buy your film if you don’t get the word out. Find out how!

–  Why your movie cover is the most important piece of your marketing package, and how to create a good one! This is the ONE SECRET that can make or break your production, and I will be covering it in astonishingly close detail!

– Plus more than a dozen other tips, tactics and techniques to make your shoot, and your movie, a success!

If you’ve ever wanted to get into the adult business, the time to take action is NOW!

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