Each day, I make strides toward bettering my future and letting go of the past.


I’m well aware that the past is no longer relevant.
So I keep my head high and carry on with my life without turning around.

Over what has already happened in my life, I have no control. I do, however, have some influence over it. As a result, I take control of my destiny by making wise choices that will enable me to live well both now and in the future.

I accept accountability for my deeds.
Usually, the actions I take result in good things happening in my life. I do, however, occasionally choose a bad course of action. When this occurs, I am brave enough to accept the results of my actions.

I make the decision to grow from my setbacks in order to prevent making the same error twice. This alone enables me to forge a brighter future!
My potential is beaming brilliantly! I make the most of each day by sowing tiny seeds now to reap rewards later rather than daydreaming away my time.
Making the most of the things I have while yet aiming for more happiness is what life is all about. Every single day, I let this awareness fill me.
Today, I look at my future objectively. I also make the most of the abilities and talents I now possess.

Asking Oneself Questions

  1. Do I break down my goals into manageable chunks?
  2. How can I let go of the past and fully concentrate on the present?
  3. What steps can I take to guarantee a comfortable future?
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