Faith fuels my endeavors


I’m not afraid to dream since I think my vision is coming to pass. When I embark on a brand-new journey, I

Expect a successful outcome. I have the assurance that good things are on the horizon thanks to my faith.
I feel secure in the consoling embrace of my faith. Even when things don’t look good, my principles give me the strength to look at the wider picture. Beyond what my eyes can see, I am aware that amazing things are waiting for me.

My modest beginnings are just the initial steps on a long journey to greatness. Even when it comes to the simplest jobs, I work hard. I demonstrate my worthiness for more responsibility as I give myself fully to every moment.

My faith will enable me to weather the storm. My faith keeps me focused on the end result and on uplifting ideas, which drives away discouragement. The boundaries of my potential vanish as I permit my convictions to grow.

Only the dreams that are deeply rooted in my heart are heard by my ears. They are walled off to anything bad going on around me. I picture a glorious future. Even if there are any doubts about my ability to succeed, I quickly push them out of my mind.

I can choose to think that I am exactly who I want to be. By deciding what I think about myself, I can choose my own fate. I can accomplish anything since I am aware of my power.
I make the decision to think that I can achieve my goals today. I dare to believe that I am a person of immense potential who merits success in every conceivable way.
Asking Oneself Questions

  1. What do I think myself to be?
  2. Is my internal conversation one of faith or one of doubt?
  3. Why is it important to have self-confidence?
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