Hard work and determination are the foundation of my success.


I’m grateful for luck when it comes my way, but I prefer to use my work ethic to make the changes I want to see in the world. My

Work ethic and tenacity are things I can control. With these two elements, I am able to achieve whatever objective I set.
For me, obstacles are inconsequential. I simply keep working when a hurdle arises.
When you work hard, any impediment disappears.

I can overcome any difficulty, hindrance, or setback if I persist.
I am responsible for my success. I am no longer dependent on other forces to make me successful. The majority of the credit for my accomplishments belongs to myself. Although I occasionally receive assistance, I deserve most of the credit.

I am fully accountable for both my accomplishments and shortcomings. I like it better this way.
Success sometimes takes longer than I anticipated. I try to stay away from bitterness and fury. I fight the impulse to give up as well.

In situations like this, I am more determined than ever.
I am confident that I can succeed where others have failed.
I’m concentrating on accepting responsibility for the results in my life today. I always remind myself that my success has been built on a foundation of hard effort. My commitment to succeeding is at an all-time high.
Asking Oneself Questions

  1. When have I prematurely given up on a goal?
    Why did I give up?
  2. What could I accomplish if I didn’t give up?
    What are my objectives? What am I prepared to give up to get them?
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