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How Marriage Impacts Your Success


Written By: Sheelagh Blumberg

Do you think being married is helpful to achieving success, or does it make success more challenging? Studies have shown that whom you marry significantly impacts how successful you become. While marriage is for love, it is also a business transaction. As we all know, a business can cause you to fail or succeed in all aspects of life. The secret to success is who you marry.

A spouse can be wonderful to have in your life, but nothing is free. Everything in life comes at a cost. So the question is, what price are you paying? There’s no doubt that the right person in your life can be beneficial. The wrong person, however, can be very problematic.

Consider how marriage influences your ability to be successful.
A marriage requires your time. The more time you spend on your marriage, the less time you spend on your career and goals. It’s just simple math; there are only so many hours in a day. You might gain benefits in other areas to offset the amount of time you lose, and you might not. Just be aware of the time cost a marriage requires.

Marriage can provide emotional support. Being married ideally has emotional perks. You have someone to help you deal with failure, uncertainty, and stress. Life is hard, so it’s great when you have someone to share your challenges with. This is a huge benefit that can provide a foundation for tremendous success. Also, this allows you to get another person’s opinion to determine strategies that best suit you so you can be more strategic.

Marriage can provide financial support. A working spouse can help to pay the bills. This can free up other money directed toward your business, training, and education. Having less financial pressure to deal with can also boost the likelihood of success. A spouse with a great job can allow you to chase after your dreams with tremendous enthusiasm. Understand that a spouse can also be a significant financial drain. The reality is that you can help a spouse get to the levels they want to be, and then you get a divorce, and all is lost, or things work out, and so much is gained. Again, it depends on whom you choose to marry.

Marriage can provide a second pair of hands. You can get more done with four hands than you can with two. You can split the household chores. One person can pick up the kids while the other works. Your spouse can run errands while you plan your takeover of the world or write a report for work. Every little bit of help can make a difference.

Marriage can provide stability. Whether the stability is financial, emotional, or just a consistent routine, stability is a helpful platform for success. When you feel secure, you can focus on the things needed to reach the next level in life.

Marriage requires compromise. Compromise means you’re not getting exactly what you want. This can be detrimental to your success. If you decide that moving to Florida is the best thing for your career, there will be a challenge if your spouse doesn’t want to move.

Some highly motivated people prefer to live an effortless lifestyle to save time and money. Your spouse might require much more than this to be happy. The right person will fit into your life and your plans. If you’re not married yet, consider your needs and the needs of any potential spouse. How much compromise will be required for both of you to be happy?

A bad marriage, or simply marrying the wrong person, is a tremendous obstacle to manage. A bad marriage is a stressor that can take the wind out of your sails. Marrying the wrong person is also a significant issue. In this case, being married is detrimental to your success.

It does not take Einstein to notice that marriage significantly impacts your professional success. Marriage can be helpful or harmful to your success. It depends on what you’re trying to accomplish and whom you decide to marry. A spouse can be a godsend or a significant obstacle to creating the future you desire. If you’re not married, consider your aspirations for the future and look for a partner that shares and supports your dreams.

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