How to Deal With Breaking Up When You’re Still in Love


Written By: Shelagh Blumberg

Breaking up is considerably more painful when you still love your soon-to-be ex. However, breaking ways can be a wise move in some cases.

The unpleasant reality is that a healthy relationship takes more than just love. You must be compatible and courteous of one another.

Even though you appear to be a good fit, you may be in different stages of life and pursuing opposing goals. Maybe you want to start a family, but your partner wants to buy a yacht and sail across the world.

Even though your lives are diverging, you can hang on to good memories of each other.

Try these suggestions to help you deal with your breakup and establish a better future.

Steps to Take in the Short Term:

  1. Seek assistance. Request assistance from relatives and friends. Discuss your intentions with them ahead of time so that they can be there for you. Inform them when you need a shoulder to weep on or a pep talk to get you moving.
  2. Keep touch to a minimum. You may someday decide to be friends with your ex, but for the time being, you’ll both benefit from keeping your distance. This encompasses both real and online interactions.
  3. Reduce your burden. Allow yourself to express your emotions and begin the healing process. Try to postpone any time-consuming projects. You might even want to get out of town for a few days.
  4. Remove any reminders. You’ll undoubtedly love going through your mementos one day, but for now, set them aside. Place vacation photos and love messages in a box. Return any garments or personal belongings or donate them to charity.
  5. Take care of yourself. You may be tempted to gorge on chocolate cake and cable television, but you need to keep your strength. Eat a well-balanced diet, get enough sleep, and exercise every day.

Long-Term Actions:

  1. Be practical. It’s natural to romanticize your ex, but this might create a distorted picture of your relationship. More importantly, it can impose an impossible standard that prevents you from being open to new options.
  2. Let go of your regrets. If you’re blaming yourself, remember that you and your ex both contributed to the demise of your relationship. Accept the facts and forgive each other so that you can go on.
  3. Take advantage of your independence. Learn to feel at ease on your own. Increase your time spent with family and friends. Explore your existing interests or find new ones.
  4. Get to know one another. When you’re ready to start dating, look into your alternatives. Consider what you are truly seeking for in a mate. Visit areas where you can meet folks with similar interests. Request introductions and comments from your pals.
  5. Express your emotions. If a meaningful relationship develops while you’re still missing your ex, inform your new partner. Being truthful will allow them to make informed judgments and will strengthen the foundation of your relationship if you stay together.
  6. Address the underlying issues. Even if your ex is no longer in the picture, you may need to address the issues that pushed you apart. After the immediate pain has subsided, assess your relationship to see what you can learn. If you require a second opinion, you should consult with a professional counselor.
  7. Be optimistic. Remember that you are deserving of love and happiness just the way you are. Being confident makes you more appealing and makes it easier to keep going forward.

Saying farewell to someone you care about might be heartbreaking, but it will heal. Keep the good parts of your relationship and utilize them to motivate you to discover a new love that will last.

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