How to Resolve Conflict with Open Communication


Whether you’re wanting to manage a team or improve connections with friends and family, communication is something you must prioritize.

You’ll be able to work effectively together and get more done if you sit down with someone and make sure you’re on the same page.
What Exactly Is Open Communication?
Open communication is exactly what it sounds like: confronting a problem and freely discussing solutions. Allowing an issue to linger because neither party wants to discuss it does nothing.
Many issues can be handled simply by sitting down with someone and participating in some open and friendly discussion. The debate should not be accusing, threatening, or contentious; rather, it should be an opportunity for everyone concerned to express themselves quietly and be heard.

Conflict Resolution Suggestions
• A direct confrontation may not always be the best option. Some people, for example, prefer talking on the phone or chatting online. You should approach the disagreement in whichever way makes you feel most comfortable, as long as you can express your concerns openly.
• Do not put the individual in question in a bind or make them feel threatened. This is critical to remember if you are in a position of authority over them. You must ensure that you are attempting to solve the problem rather than attacking them.

• Remember to concentrate on the problem, not the person. Take a moment to think about what you need to do to ensure that you are not blaming or dismissing the person. That will merely shut them down to everything you say, so keep your emphasis on the behavior or problem without raising your voice.
• Consider implementing an open door policy at home and at work. You’ll be able to communicate effectively with others if you demonstrate your willingness to engage with them at any moment. This is a crucial dispute resolution method since it will allow you to spend more time with them face to face. The more you promote an open door approach, the fewer conflicts you will encounter. When mediating a dispute, keep in mind that you must be forceful but fair. Listen to all sides and allow everyone an opportunity to speak freely.

Conflict Resolution Can Also Help Personal Relationships!
These suggestions can also aid in the resolution of family problems. No family member should be made to feel as if his or her feelings are unimportant. You’ll have a much closer relationship with your children and spouse if you and they both understand that you can discuss any topic at any time, without having to wait for the perfect moment or a commercial break on television.
If you want your family to hear and accept your thoughts, you must respect them as well. This is a vital life lesson that people of all ages should learn.

Being Patient in the Face of Change
Change does not occur overnight. It is highly probable that some participants in the discussion may walk away with damaged sentiments. As long as everyone involved was handled respectfully and the issue was brought to light, you can now begin working as a team toward a satisfying resolution.
The more you practice these dispute resolution techniques, the easier it will become.
Rather than skirting a sensitive subject, it will become second nature to hold an open discussion and reach an agreement. It is worthwhile to make the effort to assess what you can contribute to the table in terms of open communication and dispute resolution.

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