How to Tell if Your Loved One is an Exhibitionist Narcissist


Written By: Shelagh Blumberg

Is your significant other an exhibitionist narcissist? It is frequent to come across folks who have narcissistic personality disorder. Discover the key symptoms of this illness.

Consider the following facts about exhibitionist narcissists and determine if someone in your life fits the bill:

  1. What is the definition of an exhibitionist narcissist? It’s a person with an inflated ego and a grandiose picture of themselves.

A narcissist who is an exhibitionist is comparable to other sorts of narcissists. They typically have low self-esteem and may lack a supportive environment at home. They frequently compensate for this by exaggerating their sense of self.

Exhibitionist narcissists have a strong sense of entitlement.

  1. The focus of attention. Exhibitionist narcissists must be the focus of attention at all times. They want the entire universe to revolve around them.

They crave attention and actively seek it. They want to be loved and praised by everyone. They are not at ease sharing the spotlight with friends or family members. They are easily envious if they are not the center of attention.

  1. An absence of empathy. Exhibitionist narcissists have no understanding of how others feel. They are unable to relate to them and frequently disregard them.

Although exhibitionist narcissists are capable of feeling upset, they are unaware that they are hurting others. They can only see their own sensations and are unconcerned about how others feel.

Exhibitionist narcissists are often selfish. They expect the world to accommodate their wants and requirements. They are impatient and want everything right away. They don’t mind if their wishes cause problems for others.

  1. Demanding perfection. The majority of exhibitionist narcissists demand perfection from people around them. They have unreasonable expectations and exceptionally high standards.

They also believe that they are faultless, and convincing a narcissist that they have made a mistake is impossible. They impose their standards on others and refuse to live in reality.

Perfectionism is also vital for the exhibitionist narcissist. They will go to tremendous efforts to persuade others that they are flawless. They’ll spend hours retouching images, cleaning their homes, or shopping for new items. They’ll lie if it means convincing someone that they’re perfect.

Exhibitionist narcissists frequently share idealized photographs and anecdotes about their lives online.

  1. Making use of others. Because exhibitionist narcissists don’t care about other people, they can easily manipulate them. In some circumstances, family members will be used as props.

They frequently regard individuals as things. They assume they are simple to replace or swap.

Exhibitionist narcissists can make family and friends feel like props. Because narcissists must be the center of attention at all times, they will push others aside to achieve their goals.

Narcissists struggle to return affection because they do not see others as equals.

  1. No apologies or acceptance of responsibility. Even if they recognize they have done something wrong, exhibitionist narcissists are unable to apologize. They refuse to accept responsibility for their acts.

They refuse to admit when they are mistaken. You can wait forever for them to apologize, but you won’t get one.

Admitting a blunder would be a crushing blow to their egos.

It’s easier for them to act as if nothing is wrong. It’s easier to ignore problems indefinitely and let others to suffer because, once again, they don’t care.

It’s simple to identify an exhibitionist narcissist once you know the warning flags. You can learn to recognize these indications and utilize this knowledge to avoid narcissists.

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