I am a better me today because I endured and overcame conflict.


As a result of my ability to resolve conflicts, I am a stronger and more assured person. I consciously choose to talk about my

I can face challenges head-on rather than flee from them, and I can hold my ground.
Everything that has happened in my life has made me who I am today. My experiences have given me the chance to become more resilient, fearless, and open-minded. I make the decision to overcome challenges and succeed.

Conflict is a common occurrence in life, and it occurs in my life too. But I don’t let the conflict make me the victim, and I don’t let it have a negative impact on me. I decide to resolve my conflicts instead.

I can allow conflict to win, or I can resolve it and emerge victorious. I decide to triumph.
I can handle everything that life throws at me, and I seize every chance that comes my way. I keep putting what I’ve learned into practice to create the life I want for myself.

I help others by sharing my power and experience with them so that they can also successfully resolve their own difficulties.
I’m going to live my life today as a victor over my issues. I’ll lend my support to those in need and draw insight from my experiences.

  1. Have I deliberately taken the decision to overcome adversity?
  2. How can I persevere in trying circumstances?
  3. How have my life experiences helped me grow?
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