I am comfortable with silence.


Silence offers solace. It allows me to have some quiet time for reflection. For me to be at ease in silence, I must love and trust myself.

plus others. I’m willing to learn anything I come across. This is more satisfying to me than hiding behind diversions.

Life is more important to me when I reflect on it.
When I am still, I can hear what is going through my head and perceive it without passing judgment. My priorities become more obvious when I realize what I genuinely value. The conflicts I need to address are the ones I encounter. I learn the motivations guiding my decisions.

I find that silent meditation aids in my development of knowledge and restraint.
Sometimes I sit alone, and other times I simply take a quick break from my usual activities.
I find that even a brief period of serenity may renew my spirit and drive.

I shut off the electronics and set aside time for silence. I set out a time each day when I don’t use my phone, computer, or TV. I can hear the sounds of nature and other sounds that are frequently muffled.

I spend peaceful times with loved ones. Even though we are both very busy with separate things, we love each other’s company.
I make an effort to listen more frequently than I speak. I pay close attention to them and always make an effort to pause in silence to gather my thoughts before I speak.

I recognize the beauty of silence today. I enjoy being silent and taking what I learn from it with me as I go about my day.

1. How does spending time in solitude help me comprehend the world better?

  1. What do my current circumstances teach me about myself?
  2. How can I avoid sidetrackers that prevent introspection?
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