I am free from the shackles of my past.


My past is just a collection of memories—both good and bad—that have helped me learn important life lessons. I have

shaken free from the chains that formerly imprisoned me in my past. I can now feel liberated in the present since I’ve put the past behind me.
The things that happened in my past are still a part of who I am. Even though I am aware of my past, I am confident in my capacity to learn from it and create new paths for myself. Today, I am wiser and more developed than I was years ago.

Simply said, the parts of my past that came together to create a stronger, wiser version of myself make up who I am today. I let go of the pain that some of the pieces had caused me, but I kept the knowledge I had gained.
Even if my history has taught me a lot, I still move on to develop and make room for new experiences.

I accept responsibility for the mistakes I’ve made in the past and work to do better now.
Even though I had a challenging beginning, I accept that I am deserving of love and achievement.
Whatever is in the past, today is a new day, and I’m going to savor every single second!
I live in the now and spend my time making plans for the future so that I can have a life without regrets. I can now live my life for myself.
Today, I am looking forward to the journey. I give myself permission to explore new options with assurance since I am aware that my future is filled with limitless possibilities.
Asking Oneself Questions

  1. Am I resisting progress because I’m clinging to things from the past?
  2. How do I react to fresh difficulties?
  3. What fresh opportunities do I find exciting?
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