I am healthy and full of energy


Energy is life, and life is energy.
I understand that energy may take many forms, and I embrace the various ways it emerges in my daily life.

life. I see energy all around me, filling and fueling me from within.
Like electricity, energy crackles around me. It fills me with a brilliant radiance that gives life to every moment.
My inherent state of being is health. I appreciate having a strong, robust physique that can carry me through all of life’s adventures.

I have the enthusiasm, zeal, and energy to tackle any difficulties that come my way. Obstacles, in fact, excite me; I see them as opportunities to learn, grow, and change.
I am in good physical, mental, and spiritual health.
I can feel the energy all around me as I reflect right now. It starts in the soles of my feet and moves up through my body to my solar plexus. I felt a chain of energy rise up my spine, one vertebrae at a time, warming my face and reaching my crown.

Energy surges up, out, and all around me at the head, flowing around my body.
My life is built on three pillars: health, prosperity, and vitality. In every way, I am overflowing with abundance.

I am surrounded with health. My soul is brimming with vitality and light.
Today, I’ve decided to take on life. I am full of energy, excitement, and enthusiasm, and health is my natural condition of being.

  1. Am I doing everything I can to be as healthy as possible?
  2. How can I increase my physical energy?
  3. Am I doing anything to increase my mental and spiritual energy?
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