I am in control of jump-starting my goals.


When it comes to taking action to achieve my goals, I am self-motivated. Nobody has to tell me to start! I set objectives.

because they are something I want, and my desire drives me to acquire what I want.
When I set a goal, the first thing I do is create an action plan. I identify all of the jobs that are required and then get started straight away on some little chores to develop confidence and momentum.

I am aware that obstacles will inevitably exist on my path to my goal. I intentionally prepare for these issues so that I can deal with them when they arise.
If my motivation wanes, I may rekindle it with the help of my handy gadgets.

To begin, I constantly say positive affirmations to keep my focus on successfully attaining my goals.
I can stop negative ideas in their tracks by using affirmations. They never stand a chance!
I use meditation to dissolve my stress so that it does not distract me. I picture myself having already accomplished my objectives. I experience the excitement and exhilaration of success, and these sensations last all day.

Finally, I write out my goals and keep them close to hand. I create vision boards with vivid representations of my goals. At home, work, and on my computer, I post notes and images.
Today, I intend to take positive action to finish at least one job that will bring me closer to my objective.

Questions for Self-Reflection:

  1. Have I created a plan of action?
  2. Do I accept obstacles and continue on my road toward my goal?
  3. What tools work best for me to stay focused on my goals?
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