I am living my dreams


Every day, I live my dreams. Every morning, I am filled with excitement and anticipation. Every day, I am aware of this.

pushes me one step closer to reaching my full potential. I am filled with optimism and hope.
I refuse to allow doubt to enter my thinking. I direct my thoughts toward achieving the future I wish. I am a creative force in the universe, and the universe gives me all I need and require. I can sense that the world is on my side.

When I lose focus, I recall my objectives and swiftly get back on course. I look over my goals on a daily basis since they are the road map to my dreams. My objectives thrill me and give me a sense of strength and joy.

My life is fantastic and becoming better by the day. Being here on Earth is a blessing that I treasure. Every day, I remind myself of how wonderful my life is.
I am above average. I am a master of all challenges. I understand that pursuing my objectives will necessitate time and work.

I enjoy the hurdles that life throws at me since they are stepping stones to accomplishing my goals. I am growing as I overcome each hurdle, and I am glad that I am becoming more capable every day.
Today, I reaffirm my dedication to pursuing my dreams. I am thankful for what I have and for the gifts that are yet to come. I am invincible. Every day, I get closer to realizing my dreams.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What recent accomplishments have I had?
  2. For what am I thankful?
  3. What components of my dreams may I begin to realize today?
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