I am proud of my growth.


It feels great to claim that I am a different person today than I was in the past. I am pleased with my progress.

I adore what motivates me in life right now. I know the significance of celebrating who I am right now.
I am proud of my ideals and my self-esteem.
They offer me confidence even when I have to make difficult decisions.
I know what I deserve and am not scared to tell people. It is liberating to finally commit to embracing just what benefits me.

It gives me strength to speak up for myself.
Every time I do it, I feel more empowered to prioritize myself. I believe in living for others, but my primary priority is to improve my own foundation.
Changing attitudes entails portraying myself as soft-spoken rather than bashful.
There is strength in silence, and I choose to express it as such.

Today, my life choices are fulfilling because living to make others happy is no longer my primary goal. Because of my history of placing myself last, this is a significant step for me. Building myself up allows me to share greater love with others.
I grin in the mirror today because I believe in myself. From day to day, I am shaped by experience into a person of strength and confidence.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What part of my development am I most proud of?
  2. What effect do my friendships have on my confidence to pursue my dreams?
  3. Which aspects of my life provide the most opportunities for me to stretch myself?
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