I am quick to forget offenses.


When someone offends me, I immediately forget about it and move on. I am entitled to a life free from prejudice and

resentment. Mercy and grace abound in my life.
When I mess up, I want to be forgiven. The pleasure of being given another chance is more delightful than honey. I treat others the way I want to be treated, so I am forgiving of those who have wronged me.

My vision is obscured by old wrongdoings like a winter fog. The light of forgiveness dispels the mist and opens my eyes when I let go of the past. I am liberated from scrutinizing others and can simply enjoy their company.

I make the conscious decision to look for the best in those around me and to trust that they are nice people. I give my whole heart to anyone, regardless of what they have done to me in the past.
I alter my perspective when I find it difficult to forgive someone for an infraction and treat them with grace. In order to learn to love them, I attempt to see them as their loved ones and as they see themselves.

For those who have harmed me, I pray. Being enraged with someone for whom I pray is difficult.
A prayer is a selfless act that makes me feel love and care for other people.
I make the decision to keep a close check on the garden of my heart today. I stop fresh transgressions from establishing roots and spreading like weeds. I ignore transgressions so my garden stays wonderfully gorgeous!

Asking Oneself Questions

  1. How can I avoid harboring hatred in my life?
  2. To whom do I need to make amends to?
  3. How can someone learn to love someone?
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