I am self-sufficient and hold realistic expectations of others.


When I get up, I am grateful for the new day and sure that I can handle the tasks I have to complete. I

I successfully balance my personal and work lives to ensure a smooth operation.
Knowing that I can succeed on my own makes me feel satisfied. My self-sufficiency grants me independence and enables me to lead a life that is consistent with my values.
I retain realistic expectations of others because I am making it on my own.

Instead of burdening a buddy, I employ a real professional when I need something fixed around the house. I am aware that everyone has families and obligations.
Everyone is entitled to some downtime.
I am aware that I am the only one who has obligations. I trust on myself and complete the task successfully because I have faith in my capacity to do so. I take charge of my life and succeed via my own efforts.

Surprisingly, I am happy than ever because I approach every circumstance with a healthy dose of realism! Since I constantly remind myself to only expect from others what they can and should really give me, it is difficult for them to let me down.

I’m celebrating my own achievement today. I take the time to reflect on each triumph, and those triumphs give me confidence.
I declare my openness to accept others and lower my expectations of them because I have prevailed.

1. In the majority of circumstances, do I rely on myself to meet my needs?

  1. Am I setting myself up for disappointment by having high expectations of others?
  2. How can I develop the skill of setting more reasonable goals?
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