I can release my feelings of trying to control everything. I can go with the flow


I’m aware that I’m the only one I can completely manage. I have no power over the ideas, beliefs, or deeds of others.

other people. I can, however, choose how I respond to the challenges life presents me with.
I let go of trying to be in control of things and I don’t let anger take over. Instead, I decided to concentrate on what I can control in every given circumstance.

I have some power even though I can’t control everything. Despite the distractions of life, I still have the skills I need to guide my life toward accomplishing my objectives.
My ability to manage my time well helps me stay organized and focused. I schedule time in my calendar to deal with distractions while maintaining my attention on my priorities.
Another tool I use to direct my life in the direction I want to go is affirmations.

I can replace any negative thoughts that slip in with positive ones, no matter what life throws at me.
I can calm my soul even during stressful moments by using breathing exercises, relaxation methods, and meditation.

I also try to see the bright side of everything with my positive view of life.
With these resources at my disposal, I am confident that I can go with the flow, whatever it may hold! To enjoy life with all of its benefits and trials, I don’t need to control anyone but myself!
Today, I decided to put all of my attention into controlling only myself in order to experience how pleasant life can be without the need to manage others.

Asking Oneself Questions

  1. Do I believe I need to exert control over people for my day to be successful?
  2. How can I discipline myself to regulate my life?
    What prevents me from simply going with the flow? 3.
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