I can respect people with whom I disagree.


No matter their color, social standing, or even point of view, I respect them. My criteria for how I interact with people

depends on my personal ideals for others. I think that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.
I won’t let political or philosophical conflicts stand in the way of my friendships. I am able to maintain connections by putting aside differences and concentrating on what we have in common.
I fight the impulse to be haughty and disparage other people’s viewpoints. I am humble and selfless, and I can respect those I disagree with.

Being humble enables me to treat people with grace since I am aware that no one else’s point of view is superior to mine.
We are all travelers on the road of life, doing our best to make sense of the road map. Even though the route that I choose to travel may be different from that of another person, in the end, we all reach the same destination.

I value the people in my life that have different perspectives from mine because they inspire me to think critically, ask questions, and wonder. When I experience life with varied people, it is more exciting.

They aid in my definition of my own beliefs.
I resolve to respectfully disagree with individuals who see the world differently than I do today. To live in harmony with everyone, I let go of my wrath and embraced tolerance.
Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I accept others who hold different beliefs than mine?

  1. What do I think about when people disagree with me?
  2. Do I treat people with respect and dignity?
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