I create my life with my thoughts, words,and actions.


My life is under my control. I have the ability to design the life I want and deserve. I have all I need within myself to transform my life.

I live my life as I see fit.
I recognize the power of my ideas since they influence my thinking, words, and actions.
My thoughts are influenced by my beliefs, yet they are also directly under my control. I have the freedom to think about whatever I want. My ideas are under my control. I choose to consider things that will help me live a better life.

The words I choose to speak have a strong impact. The consequences of saying the wrong thing might be severe. I make good use of my words. By using positive words, I am creating the life of my desires.

My activities have the most influence on my life. Every day is a new chance to take activities that will get me closer to my goals.
When I don’t act, I don’t make any progress in my life.
Positive, effective acts produce the desired outcomes. Every day, I endeavor to choose wise decisions.

I’m paying close attention to my thoughts, words, and actions today. I’m putting them to work for me in order to live the life I want.

1. Do my daily thoughts bring me closer or further away from my goals? How can I imagine more thoughts that will help me live the life I wish to live?

  1. Do I pause before speaking? When have I caused myself problems by speaking too hastily or inappropriately?
  2. What steps do I constantly take to achieve my objectives?
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