I fearlessly go after my goals


Achieving my objectives gives me the best feeling in the world. Knowing that I have worked for and achieved something

What is important to me brings me great delight and satisfaction. When it comes to achieving my objectives, fear is blissfully absent.
I spend a lot of time deciding what my share will be.
I know that my Creator has planned some achievements for me. And because I have a personal relationship with my Creator, I can tell when something is mine. That tie binds me to what I am meant to do.

When the odds appear to be stacked against me, I can rely on my confidence and courage to propel me forward.
When my problems are very difficult, I may become disheartened, yet even disappointment moves me away from fear. Instead, it makes me more motivated than before, giving me more drive and resilience.

My mental and emotional fortitude assist me rebuild me so that I can go after what I want a second or third time without fear of failing.

Today, I regard fear as merely a word in the dictionary. I declare that fear has no place in my life, allowing me to pursue even the most lofty ambitions with confidence. I promise to keep going even if it appears that my time to shine is far away.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Is the prospect of failure enough to deter me from pursuing my goals?
  2. Do I encourage others to aim confidently for goals that they might otherwise believe are out of reach?
  3. How can I overcome my anxiety of following my goals?
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