I find a way to be successful.


I think there is always some way to succeed. The key to success is to solve problems.
A solution is always available. I’m quite good at

figuring out the problems I encounter in life. I am able to find the solution because I am aware that there is one.
I am able to see past self-doubt and challenges to arrive to a solution. I don’t want self-doubt in my life because it might be restricting. I have faith in my skills and abilities. I manage to achieve success.
There are numerous opportunities to give up on each challenging work or objective, but I keep going.

Stamina is needed to find a method to succeed. I have the strength of mind and body to fight every day for success. I have unstoppable power.
I increase my likelihood of success by using my intelligence. I identify the abilities I’ll probably need to succeed and I acquire those abilities.

I am intelligent and make use of my intelligence. Three moves are visible ahead.
I have a significant advantage over my rivals because of this.
I’m determined to succeed right now. I have an open mind and am able to identify the quickest route to achievement. I always manage to achieve my objectives and get beyond my difficulties.

  1. What have been my best accomplishments to date?
    How did I manage to be successful?
  2. What stands in the way of my future success the most? What can I do to get rid of or reduce this restriction?
  3. What are some potential answers to my existing problems that I might not be taking into account?
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