I grow more patient with myself and others everyday.


Every day I become more tolerant of myself and others because I let go of my excessive expectations.

By staying in the moment and letting go of the impossibility, I am forgiving and lenient with myself and I get more patient every day. By letting go of my expectations of others, I have also seen improvements in my ability to accept and be forgiving of them.

I set us all up for failure when I have unrealistic expectations of myself or others.
It’s my mind’s desire to manage the unpredictable that causes me to have high expectations. I can let go of my expectations and just be me if I let go of the need to control.

Instead, I concentrate on seeing how my life develops from a new perspective. I have no limits and am ready for everything life throws at me. I may be more patient and accepting, and consequently, more loving and understanding if I concentrate on enjoying the ride. I may increase both my love for myself and my love for others in this way.
Today, I’ll concentrate on being present. As it always does, life will go on around me today, but I’ll take in every second with awe and tranquility.

  1. Have I set myself up for failure by having unreasonable expectations?
  2. Have I raised others’ expectations?
  3. How can I concentrate on living in the present?
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