I have the necessary qualities to be extremely successful.


Success means a lot to me. I feel good about myself when I improve my life and abilities. I am grateful to be fortunate.

with traits that aid in the effectiveness of my attempts.
I take pleasure in establishing and achieving worthy goals. Having goals gives me a framework to direct and mold my future.

For me, setting objectives is fun and fulfilling.
I spend time every day reviewing and revising my objectives. I assess how I’m doing in terms of those objectives. I keep myself totally up to date on my situation.
I make every effort to achieve my goals. I am aware that only by focused, hard work can I achieve my objectives. I’ll put in a lot of effort.

I take lessons from my errors. I can learn from every error I make and get better as a result. With every failure, my capacity for success grows. I no longer experience failure anxiety. I’m friends with failure.

I keep going. I’m stronger than both my rivals and my failures. I keep going till I succeed.
I need each of these traits in order to succeed. The more I develop these traits, the more successful I will be. I have everything I need to accomplish my objectives.
My goal is a success.
I improve my capacity for success today. I improve my talents every day. I possess the traits required to achieve great success.
Asking Oneself Questions

  1. What are my strongest qualities, and how can I use them to my advantage to succeed more?
  2. What are my top priorities?
  3. What are the biggest challenges I have in accomplishing my objectives?
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