I improve my life every day.


Every day, I see an opportunity to better my life and create the future I deserve.

Every moment is an opportunity to learn, change, reflect, and evolve. I am constantly

in action, always striving for my objectives and dreams, always taking measures to construct the life I deserve.
Every day, I make a conscious decision to enhance my life.
If I’m feeling trapped or dissatisfied, I know it’s because of my own choices, behaviors, and decisions. I see that I, and only I, have the capacity to change this; to create and manifest the life I wish.
I sat alone for a moment, closing my eyes and focusing on my breathing.

I see the life I desire emerging in front of me. I conjure up images of the sights, sounds, and smells that surround me. I enter this dream.
I have the ability to change my life. To make my aspirations come true.
I make a decision. When necessary, I step up, work hard, and create the world I deserve. Every moment, I make the decision to improve my circumstances.

Today, I’ve decided to make changes in my life. Any changes I want to see must come from my own actions. I make the decision to make adjustments that will get me closer to the life I want.

  1. What does my ideal existence look like a year in the future?
  2. Am I doing everything possible to make my dream a reality?
  3. What modest changes can I make today to bring me closer to my goal?
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