I know I can thrive.


I understand that the world is full of opportunity, and I believe that I am deserving of success.

I go for a walk in my favorite woodland.

I observe that the trees around me are displaying their magnificent leaves.
I see the trees flourishing, and I, too, have the opportunity to stand up and be my real self.
I enjoy the sound of the river, and I watch it charging with determination and excitement to its objective. I know the river is thriving and serving its purpose.
I recognize that my purpose is to be joyful. I am certain that I can reach my objectives and be the best version of myself.

I am healthy, clever, and surrounded by caring, supportive people.
I am unique and deserve to be happy.
I know I have many stories to tell and a lot of creativity to share with the world.
I shape my own fate. I must work hard to create the life I desire. I know that perseverance brings me distinct rewards, and I am proud of everything I have accomplished.
I am a source of inspiration.

Today, I am confident that I can thrive. I am surrounded by opportunities, which I seize and use to live in the present. I recognize that I deserve to be happy and that the world wants me to succeed.
2 Questions for Self-Reflection:

  1. Am I proud of my intelligence, sincerity, and uniqueness?
  2. Am I doing everything I can to pursue my aspirations and attain my goals?
  3. Am I aware of how lovely and distinct I am?
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