I make my life count.


My family is very important to me. I collaborate with my partner. We speak openly and look for solutions. I am responsible for raising my children.

to be responsible and self-sufficient. As my parents get older, I take care of them.
I support my buddies. I console them when they are depressed and rejoice with them when they are successful.

I volunteer in my neighborhood. I patronize local businesses and pick up litter. I help out at food banks and homeless shelters. I do my neighbors’ errands and invite them over for coffee.
I utilize my profession to benefit others. I offer quality products and services. I handle my coworkers and clients with dignity and concern.

I work to defend the environment. I save energy and water. I try to cut down on waste. My actions contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment.
I will defend my principles. I make decisions that are consistent with my ideals. I conduct my life with honesty.

I engage in random acts of kindness. I tip generously at coffee shops and food trucks. I help a stranger carry their groceries or give them the last empty seat on a train.
I’m still learning and growing. I broaden my knowledge and talents. I read books and attend online courses. I share my knowledge with others.

Today, I use my abilities to make the world a happier and healthier place. I am connected and involved. My existence has meaning and purpose.

1. What provides me with a sense of purpose?

  1. What would the title of my life narrative be if it were made into a film?
  2. How can I make better use of my free time?
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