I replace fear with motivation.


In a fearful environment, I choose to be motivated.

I step back and assume the position of

observer. My concerns are nicely put out in front of me. I determine that now is the time to become acquainted with them, comprehend them, and move on from them.
I have decided to replace my fears with motivation.

I get a little closer to my worries. I investigate and investigate them, paying special attention to their construction, source, and history. I understand how they form, where they come from, and how they manifest right now.

I relinquish my worries after spending time studying them.
Instead of fear and trepidation, I choose to be filled with joy and anticipation.
Instead of obstacles and dead ends, I choose to see opportunity and possibility.
Instead of a goal that appears impossible to reach, I see one that stimulates and excites me.
My anxieties are incapable of guiding me through life. With love, tolerance, and understanding, I let them go.

With my worries released, I feel the weight of them lift and the freedom of choice settle in.

I chose the course of my life. I choose to live a life free of fear and doubt.
Rather than focusing on fear, I choose to feel happy, energized, and driven today.
This shift in perspective provides me with the freedom I seek, and I am glad.

  1. What pushes me to get out of bed in the morning?
  2. How do I react to a difficulty at first?
  3. How do I turn fear into motivation?
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