I ride on a wave of success.


I’m the ocean. I am majestic, imaginative, and stunning.
I am a massive wave crashing against the coast, growing in size.

I am gaining power as I get more determined.
I am confident that I can attain my objectives. I am aware that, like a wave, I am powerful.
I am daring, brave, and creative. I am a surfer, surfing high on a wave of accomplishment through the amazing sea. I am aware that my life is extraordinary.

My objectives are consistently met. I am building the life I deserve, and I am always challenging myself.
I cling to the crest of my achievement, enjoying everyone around me and reaping the benefits and rewards.

I am glad for the success that has come my way, and I understand that hard effort yields wonderful benefits and results.
I maintain a healthy balance in my life by prioritizing my mental and physical wellness.
I decompress by going for a walk. I maintain my humility by marveling at the beauty of the world around me. I realize how fortunate I am to be living such a lovely life.

Today, I’m celebrating all of my accomplishments. I’m taking the necessary steps to live my ideal life. I am riding a wave of accomplishment, and I must work hard to ensure that I am focusing on all I desire.

  1. Am I taking the time to acknowledge the accomplishments I’ve made?
  2. Am I congratulating myself and taking care of my mental health?
  3. Do I allow myself time to unwind, relax, and enjoy myself?
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