I see beauty in every moment.


I know the world is lovely, and I take this chance to appreciate it.

It has a tiny, intricate beauty to offer.
I feel happy, comfortable, and pleased when I slow down and appreciate the world around me.
I go for a walk through my favorite woodland. I observe the trees swaying and dancing in the breeze. I marvel at how their leaves regenerate and evolve each year, growing taller and standing tall and proud against the horizon.

I perceive beauty in every blade of grass and in the ripples on the river as I go by.
Laughter is beautiful to me. I remind myself how lucky I am to be surrounded by amazing, inspiring individuals. I understand that every moment is an opportunity to celebrate life, and I am grateful to be loved.

I see obstacles as opportunities, and I know there is something to be grateful for in every moment.
I celebrate nature’s beauty, the inner and outer beauty of those around me, and the power we all have as we pursue our aspirations.
I know that by remaining hopeful, optimistic, and positive, I can live a more exciting, dynamic, and lively life.

Today, I see beauty in every situation. Nature is fascinating, and I marvel at the exquisite designs of the amazing world around me. Friends and family have always guided me through life, and I believe that living is lovely.

  1. Am I taking the time to enjoy the present moment?
  2. Am I appreciating the exquisite beauty of nature?
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