I toil because I know my reward is near.


I work relentlessly to achieve my objectives because I know that my efforts will be rewarded in some way. I look

As I complete each stage of my chores, I look forward to my reward.
Even though I occasionally expect financial benefits for my efforts, I know that my greatest reward comes from within.
After working so hard, I’m looking forward to feeling proud and accomplished.
That is my greatest accomplishment.

When working on tasks at the office, I am challenged by the amount of effort required to complete them. I get happy when I realize how much work I still have to do because I know that after I’m through, I’ll be able to be proud of my work.
I am certain that I have what it takes to reach greatness, and I am aware that excellence receives the attention it deserves.

When I’m tired of working so hard, I remind myself of how happy I am when I do something well. Nobody can take that sense of accomplishment away from me.
Today, I am confident that my efforts will be rewarded. My experience has shown me that those who endure are rewarded. I remind myself of the value of endurance and the incredible satisfaction that comes from having my efforts recognized.

Questions for Self-Reflection:

  1. Do I constantly love what I’m doing?
  2. Do I see even the most insignificant benefits as rewards for my consistent efforts?
  3. Do I impart in my children the value of hard work?
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