I tune my inner radio to my truth station.


I understand that my truth may not be the truth of others, and I am fine with that. I understand that I must listen to my inner voice.

in order to achieve the best results in my life.
I respect the beliefs of others. Others are respected by me. I respect myself as well. My beliefs are important to me.

I know that when I actually listen to my inner radio, I receive the most accurate information.
I make certain that my inner radio is sending the strongest signal possible, regardless of what is going on in the outside world.

I avoid listening to the static of outside sounds.
I maintain my strength and remain true to myself.
I adjust my antenna. I make certain that my signal is strong. I hold fast to my convictions that are in my best interests.

I listen to motivational messages. I am aware that my inner position informs me of the truth. My inner radio announcer provides me with clear direction.
I increase the volume. I can hear clearly.

I’m getting great advice from within. I follow my own advise.
Today, I can clearly hear the broadcasts of truth coming from my inner radio. These truths ring true in my heart. When I pay heed to my inner station of truth, I make sound decisions.

Questions for Self-Reflection:

1. What can I do to tune into my ideal guidance?

  1. How can I reduce the dissonance caused by external voices?
  2. How can I enhance my determination to completely embrace my own truth?
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