Increasing Emotional Intimacy in Your Relationships


A broad sense of connection to another person is referred to as emotional intimacy. This can occur not only between lovers, but also between friends and family. Some might even argue that it can be done with a pet.

Those that have emotional intimacy share a common perspective on the world and have similar experiences. They have the same soul.

Most of us can agree that emotional connection is vital, but what can you do if you find it difficult to connect with others?

Use these strategies to connect on a deeper level with the people that matter most in your life:

  1. Think about moments when you’ve been emotionally personal with others. We can be too hard on ourselves at times. While you may be less emotionally open than you would like, chances are you have been successful in the past.

• Think of moments when you felt close and connected to someone. Remembering your past might make you feel more confident in the present and future.

  1. Determine the source of your hesitation. Why are you keeping others at a distance? Perhaps you’ve been disappointed before, or your upbringing is to blame. If you’ve been emotionally connected with people in the past but are having difficulty with a specific individual now, they could be the source of the problem. Find the source of the problem and then proceed.
  2. Concentrate on emotional connectedness. Men are more likely than women to avoid emotional closeness. Relationships are typically formed outside of physical closeness, and one does not imply the other.

• Enjoy intimacy on all levels, but understand that the physical cannot replace the emotional.

  1. Start small and gradually reveal yourself. While some of us are eager to share personal information, others are hesitant to share anything of substance.

• Sharing intimate things fosters trust and closeness, but not sharing is a barrier to emotional intimacy.

• If you’re nervous, start small and build up from there. Make it a habit to express your ideas and opinions. When you’ve earned someone’s trust, open up a little more.

  1. Take it easy. Attempting to force intimacy can have the opposite effect. When you offer too much information or ask too personal questions, you may put the other person on the defensive. As long as you’re open and eager to let someone in, intimacy will develop in subtle ways.
  2. Experiment with getting a little more physical. Acting differently can alter how you feel. Try hugging the other person when you normally wouldn’t. As you walk by, hold hands or squeeze their arm. It may feel strange at first, but it will help you achieve the intimacy you seek.

It can be difficult to expose yourself, yet emotional connection is necessary for a happy and successful existence. Take small measures at start. If the other person responds positively, proceed with caution. Even if you feel cut off from the people you care about, you may cultivate the intimacy you seek.

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