Inviting Love Into Your Life


There may be times in your life when you simply want to be alone. Perhaps you’d like to focus on your work, yourself, and enjoy life alone. When you return to thoughts of wanting to be in love, it’s critical to be in the right frame of mind to welcome love back into your life.

Consider the following recommendations to help you prepare for love:

  1. Let go of previous grudges and sorrows. You can only accept the warm feelings that love gives if you’ve let go of simmering resentments and throbbing pains. Otherwise, they will continue to bubble to the surface and “boil away” other positive and health-related feelings.
  2. Be open to meeting new individuals. If you like to hang out with folks you already know, it’s time to branch out. To welcome love in, you must first open the door. When you open yourself up psychologically to new people, you open yourself up to love.

• Participate in a book discussion group at the library; • Allow your neighbor to introduce you to his cousin; • Visit new cafés, restaurants, and community centers; and • Attend neighborhood gatherings and parties that you would not ordinarily attend.

  1. Develop a good self-image. When you are confident in how you appear and feel physically, you are more open to others. Those feelings of confidence will promote the flow of abundance and love.
  2. Be kind to yourself. In the eyes of others, loving oneself makes you a more lovable person. Although it may sound cliche, if you want others to love you, you must first love yourself. Get in touch with everything you like about yourself by digging deep.

• Attributes you admire in yourself could be your nice skin, kind demeanor, willingness to serve others, or great determination to improve yourself every day. Discover your own attributes that bring you and others joy and comfort.

  1. Understand your worth. When you discover everything you like about yourself, you’ll realize how valuable you are as a human being. You begin to feel deserving whether you cherish just one aspect of yourself or a hundred. And love will find you when you fully appreciate your own worth.
  2. Strive for serenity of mind. People will gravitate toward you if you live a tranquil and peaceful life. When your days are free of drama and emotional turmoil, you demonstrate that you can deal with anything life throws at you. Find exercises and ideas that will help you retain a deep sense of tranquility and calm.

• Whether you practice yoga, meditation, visualization, positive affirmations, or another serenity practice, building peace will demonstrate your ability to handle new connections.

You have the ability to reintroduce love into your life. You’ll be ready and willing to fully appreciate a new relationship when you let go of old hurts, open up to new individuals, and realize your own worth. Take the risk and let love in!

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