It is easy for me to let go and enjoy the laughter that I have inside me.


My creativity, my love of others, and my connection to nature are just a few of the many gifts that I have that highlight the splendor of life.

and the Almighty. These are all beautiful, and I value them all. I also keep in mind a different innate quality that, when fostered, enables me to live a richer and more fulfilling life. My sense of humor qualifies as this quality.

My default state of being is joy. When I let go of the need to outperform others, to always be in charge and in charge, I discover that I readily revert to that natural state.
I find humor when I let my guard down. The somewhat bizarre statements that my child makes as he experiments with life and language bring me immense joy. Like my puppy, I can spend hours watching him explore the world. There is humor everywhere around me.

By allowing myself to laugh at my attempts and mistakes, I allow myself to connect to a deeper level of being. I can see and enjoy the humor that is a constant part of life’s process of growth and exploration when I let go of the urge to be flawless.

When I laugh, I unwind, which improves my health and productivity. I cultivate my sense of humor for both my own benefit and the benefit of the people around me.
Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I take the time to slow down and find humor in my daily life?
  2. Do I allow myself to enjoy the rewards of making fun of my errors?
  3. In what ways may I allow myself to laugh today?
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