It is my right to say no to others without feeling guilt.


I am free to live my life whatever I want. And I am free to make my decisions. Friends and family are therefore unable to

They exert pressure on me to make the decisions they want me to.
I make an effort to be friendly and respectful to everyone. But when people start to be extremely needy or start making demands on me, I won’t back down.

My time is private, just like everything else in my life. So be it if I don’t feel like seeing a friend or family member on a regular basis. My immediate family is the only group to whom I truly owe anything; everyone else merely receives slivers of my free time. They each only receive the time that I am willing to spend with them.

I myself always strive to respect other people’s boundaries. I try not to be intrusive, pushy, or overbearing. If I were to impose myself onto others in this way, I would feel like a burden. It is only right that my family and friends understand my need to set my own schedule and make my own decisions.

I have the ability to refuse requests from people without feeling guilty. This is because I am conscious of the fact that I have the freedom to refuse someone without suffering consequences.
I remain true to my word today.

And I only agree to things that I can participate in sincerely. I also decline to participate in something if I don’t want to.
Asking Oneself Questions

  1. Am I frequently the victim of others trying to persuade me to do what they want so they won’t bother me?
  2. Do I feel like I could have done more to help when I say no to others?
  3. Do I ask others for things that are unreasonable?
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