Life is a marathon. I am training to bea steady, strong, passionate, and committed endurance runner.


I know I can go the distance since I train all the time. My workouts involve daily positive self-talk, affirmations, and visualization.

meditation. I can be successful in the long run with these.
Keeping my self-talk positive gives me a positive outlook. It smooths out the ups and downs of life and helps me stay focused on my goals. Even when I face obstacles that try to slow me down, I stay tough and keep moving forward.

I may need to deviate from my plan for a while, but my positive self-talk brings me back on track in no time.
When I make a mistake, I try not to beat myself up over it. After all, everyone makes errors! I take what I can from it and proceed on my journey.

Affirmations, including positive self-talk, help me stay on track. They help me build the attributes I want to strengthen, break negative habits, and make sensible decisions.

I recite them loudly every morning, night, and whenever I am tempted to make a bad decision.
Affirmations allow a positive stream of thinking to propel me onward, like a breeze at my back.
Meditation allows me to imagine my destination and the rest stations along the journey.

Meditation allows me to see and feel the emotions of my dreams, which keeps them genuine. Meditation drives my enthusiasm and determination, ensuring that I never lose sight of where I am supposed to be.

Today, I intend to intentionally train myself for the long haul and replenish my strength, passion, and devotion to the life I want.

Questions for Self-Reflection:

  1. Do I allow obstacles to derail my progress?
  2. Am I sincerely devoted and enthusiastic about accomplishing my objectives?
  3. What do I believe would be the most effective way for me to prepare for the long haul?
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