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Live the Life You Desire – Now!


Written By: Sheelagh Blumberg

It seems that everything you’ve ever learned is about conditioning yourself for a more promising tomorrow. It’s easy to get consumed by the future that you lose the ability to enjoy the life you’re living right now.

There is a journey in life where you realize you must leave everything behind and fight for yourself and everything you believe in the world. Yeah, I know it sounds like something you would hear in a movie, but it is genuine and completely relatable.

And it’s not always clear what living the life you desire is. If life feels like a grind, that indicates that something is missing. The haunting sensation of desiring more is trying to tell us something meaningful.

Part of the journey is to uncover what interests us and makes us feel alive. Self-inquiry is one of several powerful methods for discovering what we want in our lives. And it’s not for the faint of heart. Finding what we want in life also means facing what we don’t like, and that process can be turbulent. But learning to live with authenticity leads to rewards that often surpass our expectations. Even simple everyday life can feel amazing when we are living with purpose.

People get motivated for a short time and then demotivated, thinking it is impossible. I followed specific steps that shifted me from living someone else’s dreams to identifying and living my own. My advice is to fully commit to using the following steps as a blueprint to living the life you desire. I can assure you that you will experience improvements in every aspect of your life if you do.

The Power Of The Present

The first thing you should do to take action toward a better life is realize the present moment’s power. There are different ways you can genuinely come to this realization, but the most popular and widely accepted method is meditation.

Meditation allows you to clear your mind. It’s refreshing to focus on the present moment when you find the time to sit down and relax without any worries about the past or future.

This personal reflection time will allow you to sort out your inner thoughts. On the flip side, take note of the number of times your mind tries to distract you from the present moment. You’ll be surprised to see just how many times your mind steals the present moment from you to dwell on the past or future.

Enjoying The Journey

Your journey is all you have. Your goals are important, but it’s the path you take toward your goals that yield many fruits. You must be willing to enjoy your life and live consciously, even if you haven’t yet reached your goals.

If you have a lofty goal, such as becoming a lawyer or running your enterprise, acknowledge that it will take extensive planning and years of knowledge. Once you acquire your dream, you may feel complete, but your life mustn’t be bleak until you get there!

You can remain optimistic by focusing on the present and relishing the journey. As you make positive advancements towards your dream, you’ll know that you’re always one step closer.

Envisioning Your Future Self

While you should spend a great deal of time enjoying the present moment, you can add to your happiness by envisioning your future self.

Reflect on the feelings associated with the successful completion of your goals. Think about the traits you’ll exhibit when you have the life you desire. Now bring those traits into your present.

If you’re studying to be a doctor, you’re working long days for little or no pay. You will barely sleep. You might feel almost tormented. That’s not the desired life you dreamt of having!

This is when you should applaud yourself and be delighted with the steps you’ve taken so far. After all, what you’re discovering now will shape your future, so you might as well approach today with positive appreciation!

Live The Life You Want Now

Whether you maintain complete focus on your ultimate goals or not, it’s essential to live the life you desire right now. You don’t know how many days you’ve been alive on this world, and you owe it to yourself to make the most of them!

Keep these tips in mind:

  1. Even on busy days make sure to take some time for yourself.
  2. Don’t squander your time on people who don’t believe in you. and your capabilities
  3. Embrace a “glass is half full” psyche
  4. Follow your heart and gut they are generally never inaccurate.
  5. Improve your skills daily, it always better to be the best version of you that you can be because your always learning.
  6. Feel alive
  7. Feel Intensly and strongly
  8. Learn to go with the flow
  9. Accept that in life, there will always be changes
  10. Make sure you enjoy hobbies that life isn’t always work
  11. Stop complaining; it does not get you anywhere. It only creates chaos and causes you to be unhappy.
  12. Be grateful for everything you have.
  13. Most important is to live life with purpose and fulfillment.

Most importantly, it would help if you believe in yourself. Some people are scared of success. They’ll put off effort toward their dreams indefinitely because they worry about success and fear that they’re incapable.

It would be best if you didn’t fall into this negative pattern. Don’t waste your time on dead ends. Instead, take action, learn your lessons, and enjoy the journey!

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