How to make a Woman Approach You


Most men are afraid to approach a beautiful woman. What if I can give you some tips that will change the game? What if I tell you if you follow my steps women will begin chasing you instead of you chasing them?

  1. Your Appearance.

Your appearance is one of the most important things that woman look at. Making yourself stand out from the rest of the men is more important than you realize. If you go to a venue and you are sharper looking than the other men this will defiantly give you an advantage point. Now looking sharper depends on the venue that you are in. Don’t go overboard with your dressing style if you are at sports venue it makes it look like your trying to hard. If your prowling during lunch hours wears a suit it gives the appearance that you have a good job and have a good head on your shoulder.

2.   Choosing the right venue

Choose venues that you are comfortable in and have friends are a definite advantage. If you pick a venue that you know everyone it allows you to be a social butterfly. Women view outgoing men to be sexy. She will believe that your are not approachable because everyone wants to be next to you and speak to you. This will challenge her and make her want to approach you.

3.   Take advantage of the venue you choose

When choosing your venue make sure to get to know that staff. The best advice I can give is to scout venues throughout the week. Find the places you love and become friends with the staff. The reason this is important is that when you are on the prowl for your lucky lady it brings your status up if the staff is greeting you by your first name. It makes it seem as if you have power and women are attracted to power.

4.   Become a social butterfly

Now that you have chosen your venue it’s time to put your actions to play. When walking in make sure to speak to the staff for a second. After walk the room and greet some of your friends. Be flirtatious, funny and outspoken. Women on the prowl trust me will be paying attention to your demeanor and like your style and wonder who you are. This will get their attention and make then ask questions to the staff about whom you are. (Remember because your friendly with the staff they will only have good things to say about you). By this point the girl will want to approach you and get you interested in her.

5.   If she does not approach you

If the woman you like do not approach you its ok. This is time for you to make your move. Walk up to her and be polite, flirtatious, be confident but not cocky. Keep the conversation casual and offer her to have a drink with you. Make sure to seem interested but not to the point that she feels she has you wrapped around her pinky.

6.   Closing the deal

The most important thing about closing the deal is to make her believe you are interested but she is not the most important thing in the world. Whether she approached you or you approached her keep the power in your hand. Have a casual drink tell her you need to step away because you need to meet some business associates or friends. Shake her hand, smile and walk away. At this point she will think that time is not on her side and will ask for your number. If she does not ask you for your number do not ask her right away for hers. Walk away from her and head towards your friends. Make sure you stay close by. Once you see that she is planning on leaving the venue confront her and get her number.

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