Making Opposite Sex Friendships Work For You


Now that men and women work side by side, opposite sex friendships are becoming more widespread. According to a survey of dating site members, 83% feel that men and women may be platonic friends. Consider the advantages of these connections and learn how to make them work for you.

The Advantages of Opposite Sex Friendships

  1. Gain knowledge. One significant benefit of intersex friendships is having an inside view at what men and women truly believe. This knowledge can assist you in preventing and resolving problems in your personal life and at work.
  2. Discuss the situation. The idea that female friendships are built on talking about feelings while male friendships are more activity oriented has some truth to it. Female friends frequently give an outlet for guys to discuss difficult concerns.
  3. Share your passions. Women, on the other hand, frequently discover that spending time with male companions increases their enjoyment of life. It can be liberating to let go and enjoy activities such as hiking or photography.
  4. Learn about new sides of oneself. Friends of the other sex can empower you to display a wide range of attributes that would be labeled masculine or feminine in the past. Try knitting or watching football.
  5. Enlarge your circle. Transcending the gender divide automatically doubles your prospective friends. Many people find it more difficult to make acquaintances later in life, so a larger field is good.
  6. Dispel media stereotypes. Hollywood might appear to be out of step with the present at times. You can assist in demonstrating that men and women can be happy together without becoming romantically connected.
  7. Encourage equality. Breaking down gender barriers gives us all more options. Allow your friendships to create a good example for future generations.
  8. Improve your romantic relationships. Some people begin as friends and end up marrying. These alliances can be particularly robust and long-lasting.

Opposite Sex Friendship Strategies

  1. Deal with sexual tension. Physical attraction can occur at times. The solution is to confront it directly and honestly. Establish clear boundaries. Even if you have a physical experience that you later regret, you may be able to recover if you respect each other’s feelings.
  2. Make acquaintances with other couples. You may find it easier to begin by interacting with another couple. You can spend more time with your lover and pals if you are all compatible.
  3. Make an effort to meet new individuals. From the playground to cocktail parties, men and women naturally separate into their own groups. Make a conscious decision to engage in conversation with someone of the other sex. You two might get along.
  4. Dispel jealousy. Accept that you or your partner may be self-conscious about your interactions with other men and women. If you’ve been unfaithful yourself, you could be projecting. In any event, recognize your genuine thoughts and determine where they are originating from.
  5. Deal with skeptics. There will always be some who question whether men and women can spend time together while remaining platonic. As long as you and your partner are pleased, stick to your guns and try to be sympathetic of others’ limits.
  6. Teach your children. Your children will learn from your example. Your connections with people of the opposite sex show them how to get along with others and share affection and love.

Traditionally, women stayed at home while males went to work. Men and women have greater options for friendship in modern society, and these interactions can enrich all of our lives.

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